Nigel Lue, Intermediate

I started Crossfit last August and have been hooked ever since. The intensity of the WOD’s,sense of community, and the coaches at Crossfit Muscle Farm are what keep me going back day after day. I have played sports my entire life and nothing that I have done before compares to Crossfit. Every day is a new challenge!

Dana Lynch- Masters

Division: fat and old masters

Been doing this so long I should be better but too old to care. I like the 305 crew and know they will run an organized event that won’t piss me off with crappy judging and “lets see who can spit farther contest” WODs.

Just put up a picture of a cartoon character if you must. See you all soon!

Kristie Buege, Beginner

After giving Zumba and beach bootcamp a spin, Kristie discovered her love of CrossFit in October 2012, and has been an active member of CrossFit Muscle Farm ever since.  This is her first competitive event.  When not pushing herself physically and mentally at the box, Kristie works at a Fort Lauderdale advertising agency.

Gigi Dennis- Masters

I am a member of Broward CF in Davie and have been doing cf for 3+ years.   I am a mother of 2 boys ages 8 and 10, who also do crossfit. I have participated in your competitions (Ice and Swamp Monster) several times in the past few years, and  enjoy them a lot, but admit that you have my biggest nemesis in your wods….the 6 ft wall…yet i keep coming backl!!  Looking forward to seeing all my fellow master ladies, whom I’ve gotten to know in the past few years, and love competing with them.

David Vano- Beginner

I got into Crossfit to help get back into shape. I’ve never been a gym person; found it boring. Figured Crossfit would be something good to try, and after the first class I was hooked. Having been a competitive athlete in College playing Ice Hockey and Lacrosse; Crossfit not only supplied the fitness I was looking for, but more importantly the competitiveness and comradely that I had been missing since college.